Daily Misadventure: Sleeping (with Sirens)


One of my life goals at present is to manage my sleeping hours because my circadian rhythm is fucked up. I say this because I usually sleep for 6 to 7 hours on a weekday and 12-14 hours on a weekend. My sleeping patterns are quite erratic and most of the time, someone has to wake me up to make sure I don’t doze off into eternity.

With this in mind, I looked for online resources that would help me with my quest. Here’s what I found the most useful and applicable:

1) Before anything else, a pattern!
To jump start your routine and drive consistency, you must set up a sleep schedule. On a daily basis, you have to sleep and wake up at *around* the same time. It’s always helpful to give yourself a wee bit of window on the sleeping part, so you’d have enough time to ease yourself in the bed. This is your way of conditioning your body of your ideal sleeping hours.

2) Create your Atmosphere
Keep your environment quiet and cool as much possible. No one gets optimal sleep in a noisy area. It also doesn’t help if you’re sweating in buckets.

This is one of the problems I have right now. I work at night, thus I sleep in the afternoon. It’s summer and the heat is killing my sleeping game.

3) Slow down on the Caffeine
I don’t drink coffee, but I intake too much caffeine. I start my working day with tea, followed by either coke or iced tea, and just a couple of glasses of water. Due to the summer heat, I also tend to drink coke before sleeping.

I now know that this isn’t good for me. Less *proper* hydration and more caffeine in my system prevents me getting sleepy at times that I should be asleep already.

4) Note to self: Eat at least 2 hours before you Sleep
This would allow your body to digest your food properly, thus allowing you to sleep better.

5) Have a morning routine
It is said that our body runs on auto pilot after waking up. Our thought processes are not at their best as we clamber out of the bed like zombies.

So how do you get yourself running? Configure your auto pilot mode. I would say that for me, it would go in this sequence: 1) Drink water; 2) Take a bath and 3) Go to work.

6) The most helpful tip of all: don’t use the snooze button
Don’t think when you hear your alarm- just wake up. Allowing yourself a couple of minutes of more sleep never helps. Not only does it delay your schedule, but it doesn’t make you feel better as well.

For further reading, you can read through these helpful links that I found:
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Daily Misadventure: Sleeping (with Sirens)

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